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 Paris streets...take me back   Scarlet Tanager is playing a show tonight! 8pm at The Sinkhole for their 2 year anniversary with Bleach Balta and Shitstorm!  Yessss spring!  Nerding out at @schlaflybeer Art Outside!
 I am sick watching Notre Dame burn down  it was so beautiful  My weekend vibes ✊️  Hi, it's been awhile  . . . . . . . #badatinstagram #goodhairdaytho #seeyouin6months  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Logsdons!!
 The last Tanager gets married! Congratulations @the_drumdoctor! We love you ❤️  Birthday flowers on point.  Thank you @michael.joel.logsdon   Last night was great! Thank you for coming! Thank you @stlpublicradio for putting on such a nice event! Thanks @jess_luther for the pic  #tinydeskstl  Happy Birthday to this crazy guy! Its been a year of some crazy ups and downs!! I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else! Love you to the moon, babe  we are spending the night playing a show at @offbroadwaystl !! There's still time to get here dudes we play last!
 Vote!  Thanks for all the Golden Gems love ❤️ can't believe we are doing this thing!  Excited for @shopgoldengems to be featured in @stlouismag! #kickingassandtakingnames  Thank you @thepageantstl and @fruitionpdx for a wonderful show last night! Thanks @lhkwok for the sweet pics and thanks everyone for showing up it was awesome ❤️

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