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 Happy Birthday to my favorite human   My people!   Vote!  Thanks for all the Golden Gems love ❤️ can't believe we are doing this thing!
 Missing our mountain vacation  Paris streets...take me back   Scarlet Tanager is playing a show tonight! 8pm at The Sinkhole for their 2 year anniversary with Bleach Balta and Shitstorm!  Yessss spring!
 Its our tradition to wake up the last morning on the mountain to see the sunrise. Celebrating another trip around the sun, 10 years married and looking forward to what this next year holds  Love you @michael.joel.logsdon  I am sick watching Notre Dame burn down  it was so beautiful  My weekend vibes ✊️  Hi, it's been awhile  . . . . . . . #badatinstagram #goodhairdaytho #seeyouin6months
 Feeling inspired #gotitatmays  The last Tanager gets married! Congratulations @the_drumdoctor! We love you ❤️  Birthday flowers on point.  Thank you @michael.joel.logsdon   Last night was great! Thank you for coming! Thank you @stlpublicradio for putting on such a nice event! Thanks @jess_luther for the pic  #tinydeskstl

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