No Play Music Official SXSW Showcase & Day Party!
March 17, 2015
6:30 pm
Cheer Up Charlies
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Free! No Play Music Official SXSW Showcase & Day Party!

Free. All Ages. Cheer Up Charlies!
900 Red River

Outside stage goes from 1130am to 2am. Inside stage goes from 11am to 6pm.

1130a-12p The Electric Friends (Austin, TX)
1230p-1p Cheerleader (Philadelphia, PA)
130p-2p Dear Boy (Los Angeles, CA)
230p-3p Calliope Musicals (Austin, TX)
330p-4p Left & Right (Philadelphia, PA)
430p-5p Residual Kid (Austin, TX)
530p-6p Grape St.. (Austin, TX)
6:30p-7p Scarlet Tanager (St. Louis, MO)
730p-8p Bitter Birds (Austin, TX) *OFFICIAL*
820p-850p Sweet Spirit (Austin, TX) *OFFICIAL*
910p-940p In The Whale (Denver, CO) *OFFICIAL*
10p-1040p Dead Leaf Echo (NYC, NY) *OFFICIAL*
11p-1140p The Sour Notes (Austin, TX) *OFFICIAL*
12a-1240a Pop Unknown (Austin, TX) *OFFICIAL*
1a-2a New York City Queens (Houston, TX) *OFFICIAL*

11am-1p Prom Date (New Orleans, LA)
12p-1230p Rolland Hazzard (Austin, TX)
1p-130p Susan (Los Angeles, CA)
2p-230p catl (Toronto, ON)
3p-330p missions (Austin, TX)
4p-430p Sealion (Dallas, TX)
5p-530p Man Hands (Phoenix, AZ)

Sponsored by No Play Music, 1 Percent & CHIRPS!